About The Filmmaker

Barb photoI am a retired teacher of film studies at Skyline College in San Bruno, Ca. and San Francisco State University, San Francisco, Ca.  I earned my M.A. in Film Production in 1986 and have been making films since 1981.  Prior to that, I was a still photographer and a flight attendant with Pan American Airways.

While my early films were 16 mm. optically printed experimental films, I more recently have been working with found footage and video in a quasi documentary style. With my last two films,I have fully embraced digital technology, using a DSLR camera and Final Cut Pro for editing.  I have also moved into more traditional narrative forms of documentary filmmaking.

I live in San Francisco with my husband and two sons. My films have been screened in film festivals in the US, Canada, South America, Mexico, Europe, and Japan. My passions are filmmaking and fly fishing.


  1. Pools, 1981 (Co-produced with Barbara Hammer)
    16 mm. /color /sound  (6 min.)
  2. Trumpet Garden, 1983
    16 mm./ color/ sound  (10 min.)
  3. Still Life with Barbie, 1986
    16 mm. /color /sound  (24 min.)
  4. Wind/Water/Wings, 1995
    16 mm. /color/ sound (22 min.)
  5. Journey, Swiftly Passing, 2000
    16 mm. /color/ sound  (23 min.)
  6. Ashes to Ashes: The Art of Rebecca Haseltine, 2001
    mini DV/VHS/DVD
    Color/sound (10 min.)
  7. Call to the Dark Side, 2003
    mini DV/ color/ sound (2:30 min.)
  8. Estuary, Phase I, 2004
    Phase II, 2005
    Phase III, 2006
  9. Installations with painter Rebecca Haseltine and composer Jean Jeanrenaud
    mini DV/ color/ sound (10 min.- 41 min.)
  10. The IWFF Rendezvous Connection, 2008
    DVD color/sound (45 min.)
  11. Severing the Soul, 2008
    mini DV/ DVD/Beta SP/ color/sound (18 min.)
  12. Stepping into the Stream, 2010
    mini DV/DVD/Beta SP/ color/sound (43 min.)
  13. The Sum Total of Our Memory, 2013
    DSLR/DVD/HDCam/ color/sound (40 min. and 30 min)
  14. The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer’s Together, 2014        DSLR/DVD/HDCam/ color/sound (57 min.)


The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer`s Together - DVD Running time: 57 min.