October 2016

Amsterdam Lift-Off Online Film Festival; Online; October 3-8

Orlando Film Festival; Orlando, FL; October 20

September 2016

San Francisco Public Library; Latino/Hispanic Community Meeting Room; Sept. 15; 6-7:30 pm

Velvet Rope Film Festival; Sutter Creek, CA; Sept. 30 a

July 2016

International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Madrid 2016; Madrid, Spain; July 2

June 2016

Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase; Fort Worth, TX; June 20

May 2016

International Freethought Film Festival; Orlando, FL; May 15

April 2016

Buffalo Niagra International Film Festival; Amherst, NY, April 14

North Beach Branch, San Francisco Public Library; San Francisco, CA; April 13 6:30-8:30 pm

February 2016

Prindie Fest Featured Filmmaker; online; Feb. 2016

Ice Film Festival; Dayton, OH; Feb. 20, 2016

January 2016

Bronx Film Festival; Lehman College; New York, NY; Jan 24, 2016

West Portal Library SFPL, 190 Lenox Way at Ulloa and West Portal , San Francisco, CA 94127  6:30 – 8:00 pm.
January 19

December 2015

Albany Library:  Edith Stone Room, 1249 Marin Avenue, Albany, CA on Tuesday, Dec 15, from 7-8:30pm.

November 2015

New Haven International Film Festival; New Haven, CT; November 13 at 4pm Gateway Community College

International Film Festival for Spirituality Religion, Visionary; Jakarta, Indonesia

*Winner International Award of Merit

October, 2015

Georgetown Medical Auditorium, 3900 Reservoir Rd, NW, Washington, DC; Reception at 5:30 pm. Screening at 6:30 pm. October 1; Sponsored by Georgetown Medical School, Kennedy Institute of Ethics and The Georgetown Memory Disorders Program

11th Annual Ellensburg Film Festival; Ellensburg, WA; Oct. 2-4

Minneapolis Underground Film Festival; Minneapolis, MN; Oct. 9

Lake Charles Film and Music Festival; Lake Charles, LA; Oct.9-11

Sunrise Film Festival; River John, Nova Scotia, Canada; Oct. 9 at 2pm

September 2015

Northeast Film Festival; Teaneck Cinema at 11:30 am; Teaneck, NJ; Sept 13

Naperville Independent Film Festival; Naperville, Il; Wed. Sept 19 at 7:00 pm at the AMC Showplace in Naperville, Illinois;               Sept. 19

Joshua Tree International Film Festival ; Joshua Tree, CA; Sept. 18-20

Awareness Film Festival; Los Angeles, CA; Sept. 10-20

The Residence at Otter Creek, Middlebury, Vermont; 6:30 pm.  Sponsored by Daily Dementia Caregivers and The Residence at Otter Creek; Sept. 24

Chevy Chase Village Hall in Chevy Chase Maryland at 2-4 pm. Sponsored by Chevy Chase@Home; Sept. 24

Bayleigh Chase Auditorium; 501 Dutchman’s Lane; Easton, Maryland; 5:30 pm.  Sponsored by The Samuel and Alexia Bratton Memory Clinic at Bayleigh Chase; Sept. 29

Hera-Hub Washington, DC; 5028 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Suite 100 at 6:30 pm.  Sponsored by Daily Dementia Caregivers and hera-hub-DC; Sept. 30

August 2015

Hudson Valley International Film Festival; Saturday, August 15 at 1:05 pm. at Monroe Arts and Civic Center, 134 Millpond Parkway; Monroe, NY

Miami Independent Film Festival; Miami, FL; *Winner Best Medium Length Documentary, August Edition

 June 2015

Barcelona Film Festival; Barcelona, Spain; *Castell Award Winner, June 2015

MAY 2015

Florida Movie Festival; Casselberry, FL *Winner, Best Documentary

Life Fest Film Festival; Hollywood, CA; May 1 at 7:00 pm.

APRIL 2015

Ridgewood Guild’s 5th Annual International Film Festival; Ridgewood, NJ; April 30

15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival; Orlando, Florida; April 25-26

The NOVA International Film Festival; Friday, April 17 at 1:00 pm in Auditorium 6: The Angelika Film Center at Mosaic, 2911 District Ave ;Fairfax, VA 22031.

*Winner Jury Award

12th Annual Tupelo Film Festival; Tupelo, Mississippi; April 2015. *Winner Best Feature Documentary

International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues, and Zero Discrimination; Jakarta, Indonesia; *Gold Award; April 2015

2015 Canada International Film Festival; Vancouver, British Columbia; April, 2015*Royal Reel Award; Documentary Feature Competition;

Down East Flick Fest; Greenville, North Carolina; April 2015

Eureka Springs Indie Film Festival; Eureka Springs, Arkansas; April 2015   *Winner Bronze Medal for Documentary.

MARCH 2015

*San Francisco Film Awards; Humanitarian Category, Honorable Mention, March 2015

The Albany FilmFest; Saturday, March 30 at noon; Albany Twin Theatres; Albany, CA


Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival; Mumbai, India; December 6-13, 2014


Rivers Edge International Film Festival; Paducah, KY; Sat. Nov. 8 at 1:00 pm at the Market House Studio Theatre and Sunday Nov. 9 at 3:00 pm at the Maiden Alley Cinema

Wild Rose Film Festival; Des Moines, Iowa; Tuesday November 11 at 7:45 pm. at The Fleur Cinema and Cafe

St. Louis International Film Festival; St Louis, MO; Friday, November 14 at noon, Plaza Frontenac Cinema

Lucerne International Film Festival Showcase; to be online on their website from Nov.15-30


Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival; Houston, TX; October 3 at 2:25 pm at the Houston Public Library.

October 5 WETP/East Tennessee PBS, Knoxville, TN 4:00 pm.


Cincinnati Film Festival, Friday Sept. 19 at 1:30 pm in the Duke Energy Convention Center.

Screenings on Public Television Stations (30 minute version) Scroll down.

September 1 WCVW/Richmond, VA 8:30 pm; WCVWDT/Richmond-Petersburg, VA 8:30 pm.

September 5 KWSU/ Spokane, WA 10:30 pm.

September 8 KENW/Amarillo, TX 9:30 pm; KRNEDT/Rapid City, SD 10:30 pm; KRNE/Rapid City, SD 10:30 pm; KTNEDT/Cheyenne, WY 10:30 pm; KTNEDT5/ Cheyenne, WY 10:30 pm; KYNE/Omaha, NE 11:30 pm; KXNE/Omaha, NE 11:30 pm; KHNE/KLNE/KMNE/NET1/KUON-X, KUONDT/NETE/Lincoln-Hasting NE 11:30 pm; KTNW/ Yakima, WA 11:30 pm;KXNE/Sioux City, IA 11:30 pm; KPNE/North Platte, NE 11:30 pm.

September 9 KENWDT3/Amarillo, TX 12:30 am; KPNEDT5/North Platte, NE 12:30 am; KENW/Amarillo, TX 4:30 am, 8:30 am, 2:30 pm.

September 10 WMVS/Milwaukee, WI 3:30 am; WKNO/Memphis, TN 4:30 pm; WCNY/Syracuse, NY 2:30 pm.

September 12 WKAR/Lansing, MI 12:30 pm; KUEN/Salt Lake City, UT 8:00 pm; KVIE/Sacramento, CA 11:30 pm. KUEN-TV Utah Education Network 8:00 pm.

September 13 KBDIDT2/Denver, CO 7:30 pm./WFYIDT3/Indianapolis,IN 9:00 pm.

September 14 WMVS/Milwaukee, WI 3:30 am.

September 15 KVIE/Sacramento, CA 1:30 am.

September 16 KEN/Salt Lake City, UT 3:30 am.

September 17 KCET/Los Angeles, CA 12:00 am.

September 19 KCETDT2/Los Angeles, CA 12:30 am; KSPS/Spokane, WA 7:00 pm.

September 21 KCETDT2/Los Angeles, CA 6:30 am, 2:30 pm; WHYY/Philadelphia, PA 5:00 pm; WDPB/ Salisbury, MD 5:00 pm.

September 23 WGTEDT2/Toledo, OH 11:00 pm.

AUGUST 2014  Scheduled Broadcasts on Public Television (30 min version) Scroll down

August 4 KETA/Oklahoma City, OK 4:00 pm; KOED/Tulsa, OK 4:00 pm; KWET/Cheyenne, OK 4:00 pm; KETA/ Oklahoma City, OK 7:00 pm; KOED/Tulsa, OK 7:00 pm; KWET/Cheyenne, OK 7:00 pm.

August 5 KAKM/Anchorage, AK 12:00 am, 3:00 am, 6:00 am, 12:00 pm; KTOO/Juneau, AK 12;00 am, 3:00 am; 6:00 am, 12:00 pm; WGTE/Toledo, OH 11:30 pm.

August 6 WGTE/Toledo, OH 3:30 am.

August 7 WDSC/Orlando, FL 10:30 pm.

August 8 WKYU/Bowling Green, KY 9:00 pm; WDSC/Orlando, FL 2:30 am.

August 10 WKYU/Bowling Green, KY 12:00 pm; KAKM/Anchorage, AK 3:00 am; KTOO/Juneau, AK 3:00 am.

August 11 KCSM/San Mateo, CA 11:00 pm.; WLAE-TV/New Orleans, LA 8:30 pm.

August 12 KAKM/Anchorage, AK 9:00 am, 3:00 pm; KTOO/Juneau, AK 9:00 am, 3:00 pm.

August 15 WKYU/Bowling Green, KY 11:00 pm

August 17 KLVX/Las Vegas, NV 10:30 pm,

August 18 KLVX/Las Vegas, NV 3:30 am, 8:30 am, 1:30 pm.

August 30 WIPB/Indianapolis, IN 10:00 pm.

August 31 WNSC/Charlotte, NC 6:00 pm; WNEH/Greenville-Spartan, SC 6:00 pm; WRET/Greenville, SC 6:00 pm, WNTV/Greenville, SC 6:00 pm, WRJA/Columbia, SC 6:00 pm, WRLK/Columbia, SC 6:00 pm, WJWJ/Savannah, GA 6:00 pm ; WHMC/Myrtle Beach, SC 6:00 pm; WJPM/ Myrtle Beach, SC 6:00 pm; WEBA/Augusta, GA 6:00 pm; KBDI/Denver, CO 11:00 pm; K32EO/Colorado Springs, CO 11:00 pm.

JULY 2014

July 6 WNIN/Evansville, IN 10:30 am, 5:30 pm, 11:30 pm

JUNE 2014

DONESenART Cine Festival, Valencia Spain. June 3-6.

NETA (National Educational Telecommunications Association) uplink available on June 21 to public television stations in the NETA network.

Scheduled Broadcasts on the following Public Television Stations (30 min. version) Scroll down

June 23 KENWDT/Amarillo, TX 4:30 am and 8:30 am; KENWDT3/Amarillo, TX at 4:30 am and 12:30 am. KUAC / Fairbanks, AK at 10:30 pm.

June 24 KUAC/Fairbanks, AK 4:30 am

June 25 WKNO/Memphis, TN 4:30 am

June 26 WPTD/Dayton, OH 11:30 pm

June 27 WPTD/Dayton, OH 11:30 pm; KLTS/Shreveport, LA 1:30 pm; KLPB/Lafayette, LA 1:30 pm; WLPB/Baton Rouge, LA 1:30 pm; KLTM/Monroe, LA 1:30 pm; KLTL/Lake Charles, LA 1:30 pm; WNMU/Marquette, MI 11:00 pm

June 28 WPTD/Dayton, OH 4:30 pm; WEAO/Cleveland, OH 7:00 pm; WNEO/Youngstown, OH 7:00 pm; WPTD/Dayton, OH 11:30 pm

June 29 WPTD/Dayton, OH 11:30 am, WKNO/Memphis, TN 8:30 pm

June 30 WPTD/Dayton, OH 4:30 pm

MAY 2014

Delancey Street Screening Room, Wednesday May 14, 7-9 pm. Free public screening.

600 Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA

APRIL 2014

UCSF Memory and Aging Center Staff, Department of Neurology Staff. Pottruck Auditorium on the Mission Bay Campus

April 15 at 4:00 pm.

The Sum Total of Our Memory (30 minute version) Completed Feb. 2013: From here scroll down.

MARCH 2014

San Luis Obispo International Film Festival; Thursday, March 6 at 1:00 pm at the Palm Theatre

Sunday, March 9 at 1:00 pm at the Palm Theater downtown San Luis Obispo

International Short Film Week, (Kurzfimwoche) Regensburg, Germany March 19-26


Beaufort International Film Festival; Friday, February 14, 2014 at 11:50 am, University of South Carolina Center for the Arts; Beaufort, South Carolina

*A “World Without Purple Award” for Alzheimer’s Awareness


Louisville International Film Festival; Friday, October 11, Centennial Screening Room, 12:00 pm. (noon)

FICSAM ; Festival International Cinema e Saude Mental; October 10, Faro, Portugal


Rome International Film Festival; Rome, Georgia. Friday, Sept. 6 at 1 pm.

Breckenridge Film Festival; Breckenridge, Colorado. Saturday, Sept. 21 at 3 pm.

JULY 2013

43rd Marin County International Festival of Short Film and Video, Marin County Fairgrounds; San Rafael, California

July 3-7 at 7:00 pm at the Showcase Theatre. *Honorable Mention

JUNE 2013

San Francisco Doc Fest in San Francisco, California

Saturday, June 8 at 3:00 pm at the Roxie Theatre

Sunday, June 9 at 7:00 pm at the Balboa Theatre

Wednesday, June 12 at 7:00 pm at the Roxie Theatre

Legacy Film Festival on Aging, San Francisco State University, Coppola Theatre, Sunday, June 9 at 1:00 pm (Q and A to follow after screening)

 Intendence Film Festival; Friday June 28 from noon-2:00 pm. in Arvada, Colorado

MAY 2013

The 15th Annual Artsfest Film Festival, Sunday, May 16 at 11:00 am at the Civic Club of Harrisburg

Harrisburg, PA

Twin Rivers Media Festival: Saturday, May 18 at 10:00 am at the Courtyard Cafe; Asheville, N.C.

APRIL 2013

Athens International Film Festival on April 16 at 1:30 pm. in Athens, Ohio

MARCH 2013

Screening for Alzheimer’s Organization Staff, Mountain View Office, March 19 at 12:30 pm



The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer`s Together - DVD Running time: 57 min.